NSERC IBN Value Proposition

  • Access to research data and discoveries

    Members have access to the research and knowledge generated across the research network

  • Setting reseach directions and priorities

    Members have the opportunity to propose future research directions and individual projects

  • Launch research projects

    Members have the opportunity to launch individual or collaborative research projects

  • World-class expertise and trainees

    Members have access to the expertise of the IBN members, training programs, and to a pool of highly trained students working on relevent problems

  • Access to vast library of enzymes and host strains

    Through standardized material transfer agreements members have access to an extensive library library of well characterized and optimized enzymes and microorganisms capable of efficiently producing these enzymes.

  • Access to state of the art facilities and testing equipment

    Members can have access to the IBN researcher’s state-of-the-art analytical equipment

  • Highly leveraged funding

    Member contributions are highly leveraged by Canadian funding agencies (NSERC)