Technology Platform

  • Platform 1: Candidate Selection

    Candidate selection will help identify the most promising enzymes for desired activities, and will be based on probing dark regions of enzyme family phylogenies, i.e., those groups of protein sequences with no or few characterized examples. Novel pathways to produce desired products will be predicted using proprietary metabolic models.

  • Platform 2 - Enzyme Production

    Utilization of a multi-host cloning platform based on three industrially-relevant recombinant host systems for protein and pathway expression (Escherichia coli (aerobic and anaerobic), Saccharomyces cerevisiae, and Aspergillus niger).

  • Platform 3: Biochemical & Biophysical Characterization

    Characterization of enzyme activity based on synthesized compounds and unique technologies developed within the network for high throughput structural characterization of proteins .

  • Platform 4: Pathway Assembly & Optimization

    Enzyme optimization via orthologue replacement and optimization of gene expression, as well as host modifications to optimize production of intended products.